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Fundy Ridge Tiny House Community Proposed Near Alma, New Brunswick

Most of us have thought about owning our own Tiny Home (TH) vacation property at one time or another. But perhaps you’ve found the cost of purchasing suitable land, getting permits and inspections, installing sanitation systems and drilling wells just too much to handle let alone pay for. And don’t forget having to deal with government permit requirements, inspectors as well as finding a reputable construction contractor. While time shares are an option, you then find yourself restricted to using your significant investment for whatever specific time frame you have purchased or trying to trade with someone else which...

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Five easy ways to simplify your life this year

Well, here we are halfway through February. How are your New Year’s resolutions going? Don’t worry. Much like Planet Fitness, this is a no-judgement zone. If you’ve already fallen off the wagon with your promise to exercise every day or your resolution to quit sugar cold turkey, it’s okay. In fact, I’m not really a big fan of New Year’s resolutions anyway. What I am a fan of, however, is life change. Not something that is based on a certain day of a certain month of the year. But a simple, profound desire for change in your life. The point where you realize...

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Ontario’s First (and Finest) Tiny House Festival

There’s something about tiny houses that really appeals. Maybe the compact space makes us feel snug and secure – or it could be about the affordability. With interest rates on the increase and housing prices sky-rocketing, who wouldn’t embrace a movement that makes home-ownership a viable option for low income families? To get a handle on what tiny house living entails and learn about the latest sustainable housing trends, be sure to attend the Century 21 Perth Tiny House & Green Home Festival on 21 April 2018 at the Perth Campus of Algonquin College. There will be tiny houses...

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Ten sources of clutter you can clear out today!

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. My closet is a mess. There are so many clothes in there that I can barely push the hangers apart, even though I feel like I wear the same things all the time. The shelves are overflowing with stuff and the floor… well, don’t even get me started on the floor. I need a bigger kitchen. Every cabinet and drawer is packed full and half the time, I can’t even find what I need. Even the pantry seems to have turned into a black hole where random food goes to die. I...

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“Tiny Home Taste Test” coming to Lethbridge

Do you want to be one of the first to see Teacup Tiny Homes new show home in person? Now is your chance!! Tiny Home Taste Test When: Saturday February 17th Time: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm Where: Exteriors by Leroy & Darcy Ltd. – 717 5 Ave N. Lethbridge, AB Cost: $75.00 | TICKETS HERE | This is your chance to see a tiny home build up close and personal. Come to learn about financing, insurance, the tiny home building process, and there will be an opportunity to ask the tiny home experts all the questions you can...

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