Connecting Canadians with news, advocacy tools, builder and community resources and, above all, each other to build awareness of the tiny house movement from coast to coast to coast.


LiveTiny is not just a website or a Facebook page. It’s a movement.

We believe that reducing our environmental footprint, decluttering our lives and focusing on that which is most important is the future.

Live Tiny is a forum for raising awareness about a dream, a movement, a way of life: to live tiny.

It takes a small village to keep LiveTiny Canada up and running!  Get to know members of our team below.
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Matthew Standen

Matthew Standen


Matt has been following the tiny house movement for nearly 15 years.

He brings a broad range of professional experience to the table, having served as a municipal councillor and studying urban planning in university.

In 2015, he started Tiny Living Canada, now LiveTiny.ca.

Denis Langlois

Denis Langlois

Assistant Editor

Denis Langlois has been a newspaper reporter for 13 years. He won an Ontario Newspaper Award in 2009 and an Ontario Heritage Award in 2013 for his writing.

He has also written for magazines, trade journals and websites.

Denis believes that sustainable living is the future and hopes to one day own his own tiny house.


Joyce Halladay

Joyce Halladay


Joyce is a divorced mother of one from Ottawa and is an advocate for the poor, disenfranchised and disadvantaged.

Joyce contributes regular articles to LiveTiny.ca looking at tiny homes as a viable alternative to traditional homes for those who otherwise may not have a home in any form.

Joyce also serves as the moderator for our monthly LiveTiny Talks.

Nicky & Judy

Nicky & Judy


Judy is retired from years as an educator, counselor, body worker, and other work in the health care field.

Nicky has generally deemed herself a transformative educator, having worked in various educational environments.



Ginny Bowman

LiveTiny Chat Moderator