Your home is a living space not storage space and we KNOW tiny homes are great for many different uses. A few of these uses include permanent living, your weekend getaway home, investment property, studio, workshop, office, and many more!

1. Using your tiny home as a weekend getaway. 

If you have always wanted a cabin in the woods but do not want the hefty price tag that comes along with it or have a piece of land you’ve had your eye on for a few years wanting to put a second property on, now is your chance! Even those of us that live in the most comfortable or stylish house still get the urge to get away for the weekend, and a tiny house can make that a reality, whether it sits in the back yard or on a piece of property in the country. By building or buying a tiny house as a second home, we can have a place of refuge from our daily grind, without having to come up with the money or taking out a big mortgage, and because a tiny house is, well, tiny, it can be outfitted and decorated much cheaper than a conventional home and PERSONALIZED to your style. Why wouldn’t you want a place that feels like home, is custom designed to the way that your personally live, and you can take it to your own little piece of awesome?!

Now you are probably thinking, “well why wouldn’t I just get an RV?” RV’s are manufactured to be moved frequently with lightweight, affordable materials, and can be built with an all-season package, however typically are not rated for cold weather. RV’s will depreciate, and with full time use, deteriorate much faster than a tiny home. RV’s are classified for seasonal living only, however people do live in them all year round. Tiny Homes however are built using conventional building materials to ensure they wear the same as a conventionally built home.  Tiny homes are typically heavier, use higher quality materials, are built specifically for full time living with better insulation and are customizable. Tiny homes have been found to appreciate, and it is easy to add your own personalized touches after possession to increase the value of your tiny home.

2. Of course, permanent living. 

Do you love a minimalistic lifestyle? Do you believe in less stuff and more living? Do you love the outdoors and would love it even more as an extension of your living space? If you answered yes, then tiny living is perfect for you! If you want to let go of all the “stuff” and get rid of everything that is cluttering up your life. The earth is fragile and tiny living and minimalistic living would immensely decrease your carbon footprint. If you love mother nature and the environment, you usually love being outdoors as well. Living tiny you get to take full advantage of this and get to spend a lot more time in the outdoors.

Living tiny permanently can also be a big help in the financial department. When it comes to mortgage-free home ownership, there are few ways that make as much financial sense as tiny house living. When you consider that a tiny house can often be funded outright in cash, the release of the mortgage shackles becomes extremely appealing to adventurers, free-spirits and anyone who doesn’t want the monthly payments of home ownership looming over their heads. You could also use tiny house living as a stepping stone to a “normal house”. Tiny house living allows future homeowners the opportunity to build-up resources in a competitive housing market, while still having their own place they can call home. Once these tiny house dwellers have moved to their “normal house”, they may sell their tiny houses, or park them on their property as guest suites for visitors, an office, studio, or workshop.

3. Investment Property 

Could be another branch of your weekend getaway home if you want to but can’t enjoy it year round, is to use your tiny home as an investment property. The legality of building a tiny house as a rental unit on your property is dependent on local regulations for residences, and it may not be possible in some areas, but in places with less restrictive codes, it could be a way to offset some of the costs of your own mortgage. With the rise of sharing economy services such as AirBnB, offering a tiny house as a vacation or short-term rental home could be a way to have some spare change from a second dwelling on your property. OR If you already have land in the mountains or by a lake to park your tiny home, it can just as easily be rented out there and help cover for those expenses and more!

The next time you see or read about a tiny house and get the urge to build your own, but aren’t quite sure if you could live in one full-time, consider that there are plenty of other great uses for tiny houses other than as a home, at least one of which might be the right reason you need to start building.

By: Jennifer McCarthy, Teacup Tiny Homes

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