For a while now I’ve been wanting to bring my tiny house design to life in a 3D model.  I downloaded SketchUp well over a year ago with the intentions of bringing my vision to life.  However, because of an unpredictable schedule I’ve done nothing more than launch the program, look at the features and shut it back down.

Recently, I decided that now was the time to learn SketchUp and develop a 3D visual of my ideal tiny home.  Three days ago, I finally sat down to do just that.

My learning started on YouTube watching a couple of beginner tutorials on SketchUp.  The tutorials I liked were published by MasterSketchup.

The tutorials by MasterSketchup were informative and relatively brief. After watching just the first beginner tutorial I was on my way to drawing my 3D tiny house.

If you’re like me and put off learning something new like SketchUp because of time or whatever other excuse we may choose to use I suggest taking some time, it doesn’t take much, to watch some of the online tutorials.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly you’ll be off and drawing a 3D model.

I recently found a set of tiny house plans called the Sweet Pea from Portland Alternative Dwellings which at 8’6″ x 16′ was a little small for my liking.  I’ve known for sometime that 20′ is the minimum length I could accommodate the bells and whistles I require to make my tiny liveable on a permanent basis.

This was the primary motivator for me learning SketchUp.

In the matter of 4 hours combined on Monday and Tuesday night I was able to come up with an almost complete 3D rendering of my 8’6″ x 20′ tiny home customized to my needs.

If you’re looking for a way to better visualize what your tiny might look like in real life, or close to, I highly recommend giving SketchUp a try.

SketchUp is user friendly, smart and simple.

SketchUp is available in a trial format for you to try.  To date, I’ve not come across any limitations of the trial software which is a nice bonus!

If you end up trying SketchUp we’d love to see your 3D tiny home models.  Join the conversation on our official Facebook page today!