I’m very excited to announce that myself and Joyce Halladay, LiveTiny Canada contributor will be collaborating on presentation proposals for the National Conference on Ending Homelessness presented by CAEH as well as Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation’s 2017 Conference “Different by Design”

In both presentations we will be looking at the viability of tiny home communities as solutions to the attainable housing shortage in urban, rural and First Nation areas in Canada.

In the coming weeks our weekly survey will be catered to our data collection for this presentation.  We can assure you that only myself and Joyce will have access to the data we collect.

Your participation in our surveys will help us to paint a better picture of who is looking at tiny homes as a viable form of housing and what is influencing this shift.

We can’t wait to share more information on this project as the details unfold.

In the meantime, we are currently looking for partners on this project.  Are you or do you know someone who might be able to contribute in the following ways:

Visual Design:  We need someone who is well versed in visual design – specifically 3D CAD drawings including flyovers and site plan illustration.

Contractor/Home Designer:  We have ideas for these homes.  We need you to bring these ideas to life.  We want our home designs to be unique, sustainable and affordable.  These homes can range in size from 200-400 sq. ft.

If you or someone you know might be interested in helping us with this exciting project we would love to hear from you/them!  Email matt@livetiny.ca and joyce@livetiny.ca for more information.

As this project unfolds we will be developing a dedicated section of LiveTiny Canada to this project.  This project is open source and we encourage people to run with the ideas and concepts presented to their local elected officials.

If you have any questions about this project we invite you to contact us at the email addresses provided above or we invite you to check back for regular updates.

March 27, 2017
Matt Standen – Founder