Month: October 2016

Nicky & Judy: Living in the Now

We have recently returned to Tiny after three weeks of travelling, staying in the homes of friends and family. While all of these are beloved and familiar places to us, we seemed to be seeing them with new eyes – through the lens of living in our tiny home a month shy of the one year mark. For a while now, we have been aware that it is time for a review and reflection on what we have been living with in our tiny space. While we gave away so much prior to moving in, we know that there...

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Stay connected with us!

It has been some time since we last updated in anticipation of our new website, due to launch very soon! We continue to share the latest in tiny living news, ideas and more on our official Facebook page and on our new Facebook discussion group, LiveTiny Connect. We invite you to join us on Facebook for all things tiny…with a Canadian...

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