For three years now, Dustin Main has been hoping to build a tiny house — a small, secondary home — on a lot that his family already owns a house on in Saskatoon.

“The good thing is that the city has done some things to make these sorts of, like, alternative living options possible,” Main said. “But it’s been quite a road. It’s been expensive and it’s been difficult to navigate all these different rules that are out there.”

Neither Saskatoon nor Regina allows tiny houses. Regina does not permit new single-family homes any smaller than 800 square feet. Both cities say the structures, which often have wheels, are too similar to tent trailers and RVs.

“What we’re hoping is that stuff will change because these tiny houses on wheels, when it comes down to it, aren’t very RV-like anyway,” Main insisted.

He said other cities are starting to permit tiny houses, and he hopes Saskatchewan cities will soon start to do the same.

“A lot of people want to live in something that’s smaller, something that’s neater and tidier and that doesn’t require a 30-year mortgage to live in.”

While the City of Saskatoon confirms that there are no tiny houses in the city, Main estimates there are about a dozen without permits.