Month: August 2016

Living in a tin can: Shipping container homes come to Kelowna

KELOWNA – You’ve probably heard about the shipping container mania sweeping the globe, where everyone and their cousin has come up with a new use for the ubiquitous steel boxes. Still, the most common use for shipping containers (besides actual shipping) is to convert them into some form of shelter and local company Honomobo is introducing their version of a container house to Kelowna with a “virtual tour” and launch party. Touted on its website as “affordable, efficient living” and ideal for carriage houses, the biggest questions on the on the minds of Honomobo’s Facebook followers seems to be...

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Breaking into the big world of tiny homes

It wasn’t even a year ago when a small idea popped into the head of Steve Zaleschuk. Unbeknownst to him at the time, the thought would snowball into something big, and fast. Zaleschuk, a resident of Sturgeon County, Alberta, decided to get into the big business of building tiny homes. With 30 plus years of construction experience on his side, Zaleschuk started his business, Finished Right Contracting (FRC) last fall. He educated himself on the tiny home movement, researched materials, and tiny home building plans, developed a website, and simply got to work. He hasn’t looked back since. Zaleschuk...

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Nicky & Judy: Tiny as sacred space

There is much to read on the internet these days in terms of tiny homes: blogs about the building and design process, personal stories of living tiny (including our own!), and builders advertising their services, to name a few. We’ve even participated in a couple of different research studies related to tiny home dwellers. At times, we can find ourselves a bit overwhelmed by all of it! Our decision to live in a tiny home came about way before they were proliferating (which does not make it any better of a decision, just our reality), and it arose out...

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Big obstacles for tiny houses in Saskatchewan cities

For three years now, Dustin Main has been hoping to build a tiny house — a small, secondary home — on a lot that his family already owns a house on in Saskatoon. “The good thing is that the city has done some things to make these sorts of, like, alternative living options possible,” Main said. “But it’s been quite a road. It’s been expensive and it’s been difficult to navigate all these different rules that are out there.” Neither Saskatoon nor Regina allows tiny houses. Regina does not permit new single-family homes any smaller than 800 square feet. Both...

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House Works: Big interest in tiny homes

The tiny house movement is a growing part of the home building scene in Canada, and that’s why I get a steady stream of questions from people wanting to build tiny houses, but not sure how. Even people who like their full-size homes are curious. What’s the minimum house size that’s possible? Where can I find a contractor to build a tiny home for me? What can I do to make a small space efficient? Answers to questions like these are the place to start. There are two reasons people build tiny homes. One is to save money, and...

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