Riding Mountain National Park has the type of accommodation to fit your lifestyle. Located just a short walk from town, the Wasagaming campground can accommodate tents, RVs, or you can check-out Parks Canada’s newest addition – oTENTiks.

If you don’t want the hassle of camping, but still want to be close to nature, the oTENTik is the perfect mix for you. An oTENTik is a combination between a tent and a cabin with wood floors, canvas siding, wood stove, picnic table, deck, fire pit, and propane barbeque. Sleeping won’t be a problem either with bunk beds that sleep six comfortably.

Room for six too much? Riding Mountain National Park is testing out two brand new accommodations perfect for smaller groups. Also located in the Wasagaming campground, the Parks Canada micro-cube is similar to a tiny house, but smaller! We went modern with this accommodation. This contemporary structure is equipped with a queen sized bed, two chairs, and a table facing a panoramic window so you won’t miss a single sunset.

Or try the Parks Canada double-tents. They offer an immersive, but comfortable camping experience. The double-tent consist of a smaller interior tent inside a larger tent. The exterior tent is bug proof, allowing you to enjoy nature without those pesky mosquitos while you relax on comfortable chairs already provided in the double-tent. Both the micro-cube and double-tent are of course provided with the classic camping necessities such as a picnic table and bonfire pit.

New improvement to the Wasagaming campground offers visitors more serviced campsites and improvements to facilities. Cook shacks can be found throughout the campground if you’re looking for some shelter to fry-up supper, or head down to the townsite of Wasagaming, less than a 15 minute walk away from local restaurants, cafés, and bakeries.

If you can’t find what you want in one of Wasagaming’s 500 campsites, you can try one of the four other campgrounds or 16 back country campsites scattered throughout Riding Mountain National Park. Lake Audy campground is a 45 minute drive from Wasagaming and requires you to go through the Park’s bison enclosure where 40 bison roam free through the prairie grassland. Whirlpool Lake is closer to Wasagaming, but still provides you easy access to trails and excellent waters for paddling.

For those seeking a little more adventure, Cairns Cabin is open October to April.  To reach your destination it requires a 14.4km hike, ski, or snowshoe along the Ochre River Trail. Cairns cabin is equipped with a woodstove, chairs, table, bench, outdoor fire pit, and can sleep up to 12 people.

If camping isn’t your style try one of the many accommodations located inside Riding Mountain National Park from boutique motels, hotels, cabins, to a resort.

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