Month: July 2016

This tiny house is big on luxury

With tiny houses, luxury features can be left out due to size constraints, and it’s unusual enough to see a model with a bathtub, let alone anything fancier. The Alpha Tiny House, by New Frontier Tiny Homes, is something of an exception, and goes some way to try and offer genuine luxury in such a small dwelling, including a full-size jacuzzi tub and shower, high-end finish, and a large eight-person dining table. New Frontier Tiny Homes is the firm behind the Scandinavian-style turnkey tiny house we recently covered, and the finish on its Alpha Tiny House is similarly impressive....

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Christine & Larry: Our big adventure in our little house

Matt kindly asked us to do an interview a couple months ago on our tiny house build and has now asked us to provide an update as we are living in the house. I was trying to think of what folks would want to hear about, what I would have wanted to hear when I first started this journey over a year ago. I determined that the most valuable information I could provide are the details… so here goes. I built my first tiny house in 2015 which was a great learning experience for me, we have applied many...

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Exploring the Baba Yaga Movement

Downsizing — or rightsizing as I prefer to call it — is a hot topic. As more and more baby boomers age and become either unable or unwilling to look after a house, they are moving to condos or seniors’ complexes. As experts in helping people let go of excess stuff, professional organizers often help those moving from a big space to a smaller one, whether by choice or necessity. As a result, I am fascinated by anything to do with this topic. If you read my column regularly you know I’m obsessed with the Tiny House Movement. If...

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Here comes the sun

Summer has, for the most part, finally reached us here in Cape Breton! And with summer comes the beginning of harvesting our own veggies growing in our newly crafted garden; reddened fingers and toes from the strawberry U-Picks; the opening of a new season at the sweet local farmer’s market just down the road here in Ross Ferry; quick (and we do mean quick!) dips in the ocean (for humans and corgi); blackflies, mosquitoes, fireflies, and an amazing Cecropeia moth (North America’s largest at sometimes six inches); and of course, the sun. We love the sun and yet it...

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Camping out in an oTENTik in Ontario’s ‘forgotten park’

HONEY HARBOUR, ONT.-They call this the forgotten national park. Maybe it’s because people mistakenly figure they need their own boat to get to Georgian Bay Islands National Park. Or perhaps it’s because we forget that Ontario has five national parks, not just 113 operating provincial ones. It’s a spectacular June weekend just before school ends and we’ve got the Cedar Spring campground on Beausoleil Island half to ourselves. In a good way, though. There are enough people here to make us feel part of a secret club, but enough empty campsites to make us feel . . . part...

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