Month: June 2016

Three weeks in to living tiny

By some sort of coincidence myself and my partner have levitated towards spending our time, when we’re not at work, in our travel trailer affectionately known as ‘Betty.’ Life in a 7′ – 16′ foot space that includes a bathroom and full ‘tiny’ kitchen as well as lounging and dining areas has proven to be not too bad so far. Both of us are able to work independently despite being in such a small space.  I find myself regularly working at the dining table while Denis works on the front sofa.  This was a concern for both of us when...

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Fresh produce market opens in shipping container in Moss Park

In a shipping container in the shadows of towering highrise apartment buildings, food advocates have opened a produce market to bring fresh, healthy and affordable fruits and vegetables to people in the Moss Park neighbourhood. The market is the result of advocacy by the neighbourhood’s residents, said Lisa Kates, co-founder of the food advocacy organization BuildingRoots, which is behind the new Moss Park Market. Many in the neighbourhood, particularly in the Toronto Community Housing buildings, live on low incomes, and face mobility issues that can make it hard to access healthy food. Kates and partner Darcy Higgins helped open the market last week, on the lawn of the buildings, near Queen...

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Barrie considers shipping containers as affordable housing option

Tiny houses and shipping container homes could be added to Barrie’s landscape in order to create more affordable housing throughout the city. Representatives from a city task force investigating affordable housing options presented suggestions to Barrie general committee Monday. Staff is expected to bring a report for council to consider this fall. “Some of these are quite a leap for Barrie,” said Mayor Jeff Lehman. Some of the housing options presented to committee include small lot single homes, stacked townhouses, multi-unit houses and container homes. They would have no landscaping requirements and would restrict parking to one space per...

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Re-adapting to tiny living

We are recently back from three weeks of traveling to visit dear friends and family in Maine and Colorado. We do this kind of trip often, but what’s unique about this particular excursion is that it was the first time we were away from Tiny for any significant amount of time (beyond a weekend) since we moved in last November. We prepared well by opening some of the awning windows a little bit for air circulation (and put down some towels and plastic just in case it rained the entire time and this turned out to be a bad...

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10 ways to make a more informed builder selection

With the popularity of tiny homes growing quickly so are the number of builders in our country.  Like a conventional home, you need to carefully evaluate your options. As we’ve heard time and time again, going with the cheapest builder isn’t always the best – nor is the most expensive quote – so what can you do to make an informed decision when selecting a builder for your tiny home? Go with your gut!  Since beginning I’ve had the opportunity to connect with several builders in different capacities and your gut instinct is your best friend!  Don’t be afraid to listen...

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