This information is from the 2011 national census.  What you see below is some of the highlights looking specifically shelter costs and affordability.

Keep in mind this information is now 5 years old and housing continues to become more and more unattainable for so many in Canada.

  • About 3.3 million households (25.2%) spent 30% or more of their total income on shelter—which is the threshold defined by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) to measure housing affordability.
  • Households with shelter costs exceeding the affordability threshold paid an average of $1,259 permonth—exceeding 30% of their household total income by an average of $510 per month.
  • Owner households exceeded the affordability threshold by an average of $617 per month, while tenant households exceeded it by $403 per month.
  • Almost three-fifths (58.6%) of owner households had a mortgage—representing over four-fifths (83.2%) of owner households exceeding the affordability threshold.
  • About half a million (557,435 or 13.7%) tenant households lived in subsidized housing.
  • Just over one-third (36.9%) of tenant households in subsidized housing paid 30% or more of total income towards shelter costs.
  • Lone-parent households and non-family households were more likely to pay 30% or more of total income towards shelter costs—about twice the proportion of couple-family households.

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