Month: May 2016

Tiny-home camping comes to Waterton Lakes National Park

Parks Canada is trying to boost attendance by tapping into a growing trend. A housing pilot project in Waterton Lakes National Park will offer visitors a downsized version of home, right in the middle of Mother Nature. “I love tiny houses anyway. So I think it’s awesome,” said Mark Kirk, co-owner of Serenity Acres Tiny Homes. Based southeast of Calgary, he and his partner, Ashley Baptiste, were asked by Parks Canada to build a rustic tiny house for the park. Mark Kirk, co-owner of Serenity Acres Tiny Homes, sits in the loft of the Tiny Home the company is building for...

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Personal Build Q&A with Christine and Larry

Ontario is becoming a hotbed of tiny house building activity! With builds in various states of completion underway from east to west and south to north in Ontario tiny living is becoming more commonplace in the province. One of those builds is Christine and Larry’s which is underway in Eastern Ontario. Learn more about their build in our Q&A and photo gallery below. How long ago did you begin planning for your build?  Did you see other tiny homes in person for inspiration? I have been planning the current house since the fall of 2015. I had already built and...

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Ontario to green light ‘inclusionary zoning’

In a move likely to send shock waves through Ontario’s development industry, Queen’s Park is giving cities the power to make builders include affordable housing in new residential projects. So-called “inclusionary zoning,” which would require developers to set aside a percentage of their new units for low- to moderate-income households, is part of Ontario’s updated affordable housing strategy, being unveiled in Toronto Monday. “It’s a planning tool that many municipalities have been requesting, with the potential to create thousands of new affordable units,” said a source familiar with the strategy. “The province will make it available for municipalities that...

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Ontario’s affordable housing list grows

A record 171,360 Ontario households were waiting for affordable housing in 2015, with average wait times of almost four years, according to an annual report that tracks need across the province. But the report, being released Wednesday by the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association, will be the organization’s last. With the province set to introduce a portable housing benefit and municipalities offering housing supplements and other programs to subsidize rent, the association says its annual tally of households waiting for rent-geared-to-income (RGI) units no longer represents the full picture of supply and need in Ontario. The association will be develop...

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Manulife: 37% of homeowners caught short of cash once in last year

More than a third of Canadian homeowners polled in a recent survey say they were caught short at least once in the past year without enough money to cover their expenses. According to Manulife Bank of Canada’s spring debt survey, four per cent of respondents said they found themselves in that situation almost every month, while 10 per cent said it happened to them a few times in the past 12 months. Another 23 per cent said it happened once or twice in the past year. 5 potential warning signs of downturn: Don Pittis Debt loads increased 2.7% this...

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