A brand new micro-home is now in place in French Lake, and being prepped for its new homeowner to move in.

The 35 x 16-foot home, built for one, was made and transported by Habitat for Humanity volunteers and members of the community.

Frank Penny will move into the new home after spending most of 50 years in a decaying structure left to him by his parents.

“Frank was by no means homeless, but he was living in a rundown house that neither you and I would walk into,” said Carr. “But that was his home.”

Carr said it would have been difficult for Penny to tough out another winter in his old home, which has since been demolished.

“He’s taking it day-by-day,” said Carr. “I think at sometimes it’s a little overwhelming to see how many people will come together to help a neighbour.

“People like Frank and most of us here in rural areas, we make due with what we have and sometimes what we have isn’t the best quality and we just don’t realize it because we’re stuck in there.”

Perry Kendall, board chair for Habitat for Humanity in Fredericton, said most of the hard work in relocating Penny has been finished with the construction and the move. All that remains is setting up cupboards, furniture, and appliances.

“Hopefully if all goes well and there’s no delays, the homeowner will be in the house within about a week,” said Kendall.

When power and heating has been hooked up, Penny will move into his new tiny home with his dog — just in time for winter.

Originally Published
November 2, 2015
Shane Fowler – CBC News