Month: March 2016

Tips for living small from woman that lived in 90 sq. ft.

Living small is great for those who are more interested in acquiring experiences over stuff. When I moved into that tiny apartment, I quit my full-time job and set my sights on finishing my first book. I planned to stay for just a year. But something happened when that year came to an end. I didn’t want to leave. Living small had made my life so much larger. With a low overhead (literally and figuratively), my days now belonged to me. I worked when I wanted. I traveled. I rode my bicycle on a whim. For anyone looking to...

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Tiny house living: Big questions to consider first

We started as a society of hunters and gatherers and today we are continuing with this trend. Not only are we always buying, but we are also keen on buying bigger to impress our families, friends, neighbors, but most importantly ourselves. As I started to delve deeper into this concept, I realized I too was guilty of this behavior, especially the incessant buying. And so in the last few months, as I began my journey towards embracing the minimalist lifestyle, eliminating the clutter and keeping only the essentials, I became fascinated with the tiny house concept so much so that...

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Cozy, tiny spaces creates business opportunity

A new generation of Nova Scotian entrepreneurs are providing an alternative to homebuyers not interested in purchasing a traditional house. “I think there is a real market for Tiny Houses because there are so many different applications for them,” said Matthew Willox, owner of Howling Dog Construction. “They can be totally customized to a client’s needs and wants. They can be totally self-contained. They are perfect for renting out as short or long term accommodation. I think they will be around for while as people are still finding new uses for them.” Willox is one of a number of...

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Drippin’ with tiny homes

UPDATED – Alex Worlow, of Dripping Springs, climbed the stairs to the bedroom loft above the bathroom of a 200-square-foot tiny home.  The staggered stairs served as storage space, as did every nook and cranny of the home.  The trend of tiny homes, defined as dwellings that only span a couple hundred square feet and built on trailers, is now spreading across Dripping Springs. Worlow, who owns Nomad Tiny Homes, recently began building tiny homes after 10 years in the traditional remodeling business. He said tiny homes allows him to creatively build without the red tape. “It keeps the...

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Advocacy: A letter for your elected officials

Some time ago I was asked to provide an example of a letter one might send to their local elected officials, at the time I was struggling to put something together myself. Fast forward and here we have it! I think it’s important to point out that the letter is written with Ontario in mind but is easily adaptable to any province or territory. You’ll find some of the text is italicized; I suggest that you take the time and tailor this section to why and how tiny homes in your community may impact the town financially, economically and...

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