Author: Matt S - Editor

Try a tiny on for size in Barry’s Bay

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in a tiny house? With more and more tiny house offerings coming up on services like AirBnB, trying a tiny on for size is becoming pretty easy. Recently, Joe from Barry’s Bay Tiny Homes in Ontario touched base with me via our Facebook page to let me know they have a model tiny home available for rent online. Their upscale, one-of-a-kind tiny home comes with all furnishings and amenities. The Barry’s Bay Tiny Home features a king size, queen size and a single bed making this experience great for families. Barry’s...

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How to finance your tiny home

From our experience, there are four main ways to fund your tiny home. 1) Personal savings 2) Love money 3) Credit cards 4) Financing from bank or lending institution Personal Savings Usually, one of the main goals of owning a tiny home is to be debt or mortgage free. Personal savings is the best way to go for obvious reasons. If you plan on using personal savings and have enough money, banks will need proof that you have had that money for 90 days in your account. So you will have to be able to provide bank statements from...

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Why a tiny home is right for you

Your home is a living space not storage space and we KNOW tiny homes are great for many different uses. A few of these uses include permanent living, your weekend getaway home, investment property, studio, workshop, office, and many more! 1. Using your tiny home as a weekend getaway.  If you have always wanted a cabin in the woods but do not want the hefty price tag that comes along with it or have a piece of land you’ve had your eye on for a few years wanting to put a second property on, now is your chance! Even those of us that live...

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The Marketplace is nearly ready!

A few weeks ago I announced the newest addition to the LiveTiny Canada family, LiveTiny Marketplace. The “Marketplace” is a site where you can find everything from land for your tiny to tiny house building materials to complete tiny homes for sale. During the site launch we will be offering free 60 day listings to individuals and businesses. Beyond the launch offer the LiveTiny Marketplace will continue to offer ads at incredible rates to individuals and businesses. Full access to the will begin on October 16th, 2017 at 7am. In the meantime we’re working on the finishing touches...

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Diggin’ this! INSINK 4-1 dishwashing, food prep and organization system

Over the holidays I received a rather unique gift.  Something unexpected and something truly one of a kind.  It was the INSINK 4-1. The idea is pretty simple behind the INSINK, never fill your sink again to do dishes.  The dishwashing, food prep and organization system is compact and designed to fit within your kitchen sink. Consisting of 6 pieces in the box, INSINK takes seconds to set up for use.  Set up is as simple as affixing one or 2 of the included suction bars to the inside of your sink bowl then hanging the kaddy or kup off...

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