Author: Matt S - Editor

The Marketplace is nearly ready!

A few weeks ago I announced the newest addition to the LiveTiny Canada family, LiveTiny Marketplace. The “Marketplace” is a site where you can find everything from land for your tiny to tiny house building materials to complete tiny homes for sale. During the site launch we will be offering free 60 day listings to individuals and businesses. Beyond the launch offer the LiveTiny Marketplace will continue to offer ads at incredible rates to individuals and businesses. Full access to the will begin on October 16th, 2017 at 7am. In the meantime we’re working on the finishing touches...

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Diggin’ this! INSINK 4-1 dishwashing, food prep and organization system

Over the holidays I received a rather unique gift.  Something unexpected and something truly one of a kind.  It was the INSINK 4-1. The idea is pretty simple behind the INSINK, never fill your sink again to do dishes.  The dishwashing, food prep and organization system is compact and designed to fit within your kitchen sink. Consisting of 6 pieces in the box, INSINK takes seconds to set up for use.  Set up is as simple as affixing one or 2 of the included suction bars to the inside of your sink bowl then hanging the kaddy or kup off...

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Buyer beware!

As the founder of LiveTiny Canada, I am often contacted by people looking for recommendations on builders. One thing I’ve stuck firm to is putting the ownership of the decision back in the hands of the person that is asking me. Currently, I don’t feel comfortable recommending builders to our readers. Why? I think it is important that you develop a relationship with a builder ahead of signing on the dotted line. Like buying a car or house, a tiny home is likely one of the bigger-ticket items you will put money out for in your life. But, unlike...

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Adventures in SketchUp

For a while now I’ve been wanting to bring my tiny house design to life in a 3D model.  I downloaded SketchUp well over a year ago with the intentions of bringing my vision to life.  However, because of an unpredictable schedule I’ve done nothing more than launch the program, look at the features and shut it back down. Recently, I decided that now was the time to learn SketchUp and develop a 3D visual of my ideal tiny home.  Three days ago, I finally sat down to do just that. My learning started on YouTube watching a couple...

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Budgeting for my tiny build: Phase one

Not many of us enjoy dealing with budgets whether for ourselves or our families. The reality of our dollar not reaching as far as it once did hurts because inevitably something has to give in the budget to make ends meet. Your tiny home build budget is no different or at least that has been my experience. I’m won’t be the first one to say this in a tiny house blog post and I won’t be the last – tiny home trailers are expensive! In the instance of one quote I received would make it prohibitive for me to...

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