Our Team

LiveTiny is not just a website or a Facebook page. It’s a movement.

We believe that reducing our environmental footprint, decluttering our lives and focusing on that which is most important is the future.

Live Tiny is a forum for raising awareness about a dream, a movement, a way of life: to live tiny.


Connecting Canadians with news, advocacy tools, builder and community resources and, above all, each other to build awareness of the tiny house movement from coast to coast to coast.



Matthew Standen
Tiny Living Canada/LiveTiny.ca

Matt has been following the tiny house movement for nearly 15 years.

He brings a broad range of professional experience to the table, having served as a municipal councillor and studying urban planning in university.

In 2015, he started Tiny Living Canada, now LiveTiny.ca.


Denis Ryan

Denis Langlois has been a newspaper reporter for 13 years. He won an Ontario Newspaper Award in 2009 and an Ontario Heritage Award in 2013 for his writing.

He has also written for magazines, trade journals and websites.

Denis believes that sustainable living is the future and hopes to one day own his own tiny house.


Joyce Halladay
Contributor, Moderator LiveTiny Talks

Joyce is a divorced mother of one from Ottawa and is an advocate for the poor, disenfranchised and disadvantaged.

Joyce contributes regular articles to LiveTiny.ca looking at tiny homes as a viable alternative to traditional homes for those who otherwise may not have a home in any form.

Joyce also serves as the moderator for our monthly LiveTiny Talks.


Nicky Duenkel & Judy Pratt
Contributors – Tiny Lifestyle

Who are we? Judy is retired from years as an educator, counselor, body worker, and other work in the health care field. She is passionate about dirt and plants and gardens, as well as ocean environments. Nicky has generally deemed herself a transformative educator, having worked in various educational environments. She has a lifelong commitment to living well with very little and exploring her interconnectedness with the rest of the natural world. She too loves being on or in water, though neither of us have chosen houseboat living – yet!

How shall we live? Simply. We’ve always tried to live simply in one way or another. Judy lived in a 12×12 house for about 7 years in her mid-30’s. When we met, Nicky’s possessions were limited to what she could carry on her back. Together, we worked as faculty for a traveling university program (Expedition Education Institute) where we slept outside in a tent for over 200 days of the year for about 10 years. We’ve also lived in a small off-grid cabin on the coast of Maine. More recently, we’ve rented and lived in “regular” size houses. So, living small isn’t new to us. Tiny is merely our current manifestation of doing so, emerging from our reflection on whether or not we were currently living our life priorities as best we could. The answer was no. The process led us to Nicky leaving her academic position, walking part of Spain’s Camino de Santiago trail together as a transition pilgrimage of sorts, and designing and landing in Tiny J.

These are, in fact, the two guiding questions that we’ve been exploring for most of our lives, returning to them every so often to take a look at them from where we are now. We will no doubt continue to reflect and re-imagine, much in alignment with Henry David Thoreau’s counsel to:

“Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.”